About Us


As you can see, VibesGenius focus on selling a kind of new night light - papercut light boxes. Although the product has a lot of modern lighting function but its core content is an ancient art - silhouette.

I come from a countryside of China which has strong silhouette artistic atmosphere, I was very familiar with this form of artistic expression from childhood. On a long journey in early 2015, I found a kind of ancient art which is similar to the silhouette - Shadow Plays, I was wondering if I could combine these two things and act as a new kind of craft, so I do it and gradually improve and optimize the product.(I found that someone achieve the idea earlier than me, but its just a DIY project)

After nearly a year of hard work, I and my two friends - Li and Lin began selling this products on Amazon Us and has won the praise of customers, then we started this store to serve more customers in other countrys.

The sales experience on Amazon has allowed us to establish a "customer-centric" business philosophy, but I know that even the world-renowned Amazon Co, also occasionally make mistakes, not to mention we are a young team, so, if we have some mistakes make you unhappy, please contact me, I will try my best!

Thanks & Regards,