Hand engraved hollow paper for DIY papercut light boxes

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Features of Product:

1.Engraving the multi-layer paper into hollow paper and assembled into a dream pattern.

2.The carving time of each pattern usually takes about 1 month,
this makes it expensive and precious.

3.Compared to the machine carved paper, hand carved hollow paper have not any traces of burning, truly reflect the beauty of art.

4.Due to the limited energy of carving artists, this product is limited to sell.

There is a limit to a carving artists' energy, only a few sets left, buy now, while they last.

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* Can these products overheat and catch fire? How long is it safe to leave on?
The possibility of overheat and catch fire is infinitely close to zero, but it's still not recommended to continue to run it for more than 100 hours.

* Can I choose a faster shipping service as it is a gift?
Sorry, we only offer standard free shipping service, for all countries.

* What is the delivery time?
Different countries have different delivery timeliness, most country can be delivered within 1-2 weeks. Please check the detail on the Delivery page.

*If the tracking info shows that the package has been delivered but I didn't get it, may I ask for a full refund?
Of course. This is uncommon but not impossible because of some thefts, please send refund request to us within two weeks after "delivery", we need to file the claim to the carrier too.

* What countries you can ship to?
We can ship to most countries in the world. Countries not shipped to include: South Sudan, Palestine.

* Do you write greeting cards for customer?
Sorry, we don't.

* Do you provide gift receipt?
Sorry, we don't.

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